Transpose MASTER

     The current project given to the 3D modelers in my BFA class is to sculpt a character from a J.C. Leyendecker illustration. We started three weeks ago and it's due by Saturday, and though I've got plenty of sculpting left to do, I finally feel like I'm getting a handle on Zbrush. Especially thanks to Transpose Master, which allows me to keep my subtools separate (I have 50 on this sculpt, yikes!),  but also move them together to tweak the pose as much as I want. Despite a rough start with TM, I feel like it's given me more control than any other tool in any other program I've used. 

     Those ruffles and pleats were always going to be a problem on this project, but I feel like I have so many ways to orchestrate them now. 

    Before I get too exhausted from a week of sculpting, I just wanted to reflect on how I've finally broken through the awkward stage with ZBrush. Feels awesome!