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Engines and Technical Art


For my work on Luna I was responsible for a majority of art in-engine. I modeled and textured assets, often assisted in rigging, imported assets into engine, set up materials, created shaders, adjusted prefabs for functionality, created FX, optimized lighting, and generally maintained the look and functionality of the game across different scenes. While I didn't contribute code, I was able to read through C# scripts and find where problems were occurring, or understand better how systems functioned or utilized assets. 

Unreal Engine 4

These three videos are of "high poly game play" for advertising purposes. I took or created  high poly assets and mocked up the game-play as closely as possible for trailers and cinematic shots. Environments were adjusted from the original to increase texture quality and mesh density. Because the original game was not built in UE4, I was also tasked with setting up AI and animations blueprints for the characters so that they did not have to be manually moved around in Matinee in order to duplicate game play scenarios. Most effects had to be recreated, and often the environment had to be expanded. Rendering done in UE4.

Cinematic shots set up in Unreal Engine 4.
I was responsible for transferring the game environment to UE4, making it higher resolution, including model adjustments and texture upgrades. I created materials for models and effects and implemented many of the FX and particles. 
Characters were imported from existing assets, and I guided their movements and animations with both Matinee as AI systems. 

Maya Tools - PYthon and Mel scripts

Joint Controller. Quickly takes the selected joint/bone and adds the selected curve as a controller via a parent constraint. Creates a null group above the curve at the location and orientation of the joint, passing it to the curve which maintains zero rotation, translation, and scale. Python.

     Download Joint Controller

Rotate Special. Designed to quickly grab Vertices or CVs on the selected object or curve so you can rotate them a specific amount. Great for adjusting controllers positions on rigs. Python.

     Download Rotate Special

Simple Duplicate Special. Useful for quickly mirroring objects and other simple and often used functions of duplicate special with quick buttons. MEL.

     Download Simple Duplicate Special

Houdini's Rosabelle

 Click to play and collect the star! (Chrome will not support!)

Click to play and collect the star! (Chrome will not support!)

This is test section of the game "Houdini's Rosebelle" I created, with art concepts by Ashley Kliment. I did all modeling, rigging, texturing and Unity implementation on this project in order to teach myself more about the artistic and technical game pipeline. 

This started as a 3D modeling project which I took in to Unity on my own time,  in order to learn more about scripting and game engines.  

Click here to play a quick demo. Collect the star!


Tremble is a 2D/3D survival horror game made in collaboration between SJSU Animation/Illustration students and UCSC Game Design Students.

I worked as Art Lead, helping bring the technical and artistic sides of the game together, and facilitating the creation of art which supports and enriches the game play. Created in Unity.


Bloody Mary

A teaser trailer from the student game "Bloody Mary". I worked on foliage, terrain textures, and assets for the Forest Level. Some of this work was modeling and texturing, but I also implemented and compiled assets, and reworked scripts for textures and foliage. See the blog.

Some shots of my work in-game below.


My work: Wagon textures, grass sprites images and population scripts, canyon/rock textures. Rock model. Decals for tracks and foot prints.